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Watch Ged Stilliard from Thompsons Solictors talk about COVID-19 personal injury claims

In May 2021 Amina Memon and Nicholas Hardwick, from the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law, at the Royal Holloway University of London produced their report into “WORKING IN UK PRISONS AND SECURE HOSPITALS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC”.

As you will be aware staff testing has been rolled out across the whole estate and available in each prison for those who wish to volunteer to be tested.

HMPPS are offering new services for those who are suffering Long Covid 19, please see attached and below.

Update from Mark Fairhurst, National Chair

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“When you work in a prison, there is only one union that you can rely on when all is lost and that is the POA, do not accept cheaper imitations.”

Anonymous – West Midlands

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