Welcome to the POA Podcast

Welcome to the POA podcast. From Summer 2021 the POA will be releasing a series of thought provoking and informative podcasts that will be of interest to both POA members and the general public. 

Recent Episodes 

1st August 2022: The POA guide to Coroners Court hearings

1st July 2022: Working with and for members with disabilities

13th June 2022: POA conference in review and why you should march on 18 June

1st June 2022: PTSD It’s impact on Prison Officers and the support available

9th May 2022: POA - working for gender equality and better diversity and inclusivity

29th April 2022: Menopause Matters

1st April 2022: Health and Safety and You

11th March 2022: The POA's Political Fund

1st March 2022: Health, safety and maintaining resilience for Prison Officers

1st February 2022: Govt White Paper "a missed opportunity" but high hopes for new "Safe Inside" Bill

27th December 2021: The Wandsworth Prison Museum - a tour of it's exhibits and stories with Stewart McLaughlin

1st December 2021: Feeling the benefit of POA membership

1st November 2021: Same but Different - POA across the UK's devolved administrations of POA service

1st October 2021: Finlay Spratt looks back on 30 years of POA service

1st September 2021: Looking after members working in private prisons

1st August 2021: Pensions Campaigns Made Clear

8th July 2021: 68 is too late!

30th June 2021: Podcast Launch Trailer 

We want your ideas and feedback!

We have a series of podcasts on key topics of interest to POA members planned, but also welcome your ideas and feedback for future episodes.

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Representing over 30,000 Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers, the POA is the largest UK Union in this sector, able to trace its roots back more than 100 years.