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As part of the ongoing development and improvements to POA membership benefits we secured additional new providers. All too often members fail to take full advantage of these benefits which can offer significant savings far in excess of annual subs for POA membership. We urge you to consider these new benefits to save money and offset membership costs, we will continue to source new providers who provide good service and excellent benefits. 

New member benefits via Perkjam


We are happy to accounce new member only benefits available at Perkjam. These are open to all POA members and their partners including retired members and their partners.

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Visit the member benefits page in the members area to access this benefit

New benefit - Chesterton Grant

Chesterton Grant

Navigating the world of mortgages can appear overwhelming and as a POA Member who works long hours with varying shift patterns, you may have certain questions around eligibility.

At Chesterton Grant, our friendly team of independent mortgage advisors are here to give the best advice possible whilst guiding you through the application process.

We do not charge any fees for any mortgage recommended and arranged

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See the latest automobile related membership benefits.

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