The government is currently consulting with Trade Unions about whether to implement employment tribunal fees and how much they should charge. That means any worker who wants to enforce their employment rights or appeal to tribunal would have to pay. Employment tribunals give workers the ability to challenge injustice at work - this shouldn't come at a price. 

Reintroducing tribunal fees will make it even harder for working people to seek justice if they face discrimination, unfair dismissal, or withheld wages. And it will disproportionately affect pregnant workers, disabled workers, and migrant workers, who are more likely to face injustice at work.

The government wants to restrict access to justice by making workers pay to take an employment tribunal against bad bosses… but the fight isn’t over. If we flood the consultation response with personal stories and reasons why access to justice should remain free for all, we can force them to U-turn. We need the government to hear from workers in their own words about the importance of keeping employment tribunals free for all.

Please find details below of the tool the TUC has created to facilitate responses to the government consultation on reintroducing employment tribunal fees.

With the consultation only open until 25th March, we need as many people as possible to make the case for keeping employment tribunals free for all. The TUC has created this tool to make it easy for union members to respond to the consultation about why justice at work should remain free. Please respond to the consultation using this form. (

Thank you for your anticipated support. 

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