The call for nominations for the 2 SNC posts due for election closed on Friday 23rd February 2024, as per CIRC\08\2024. This period was for interested parties to put themselves forward as candidates for the respective posts.

There were no notifications from any members, other than the 2 current incumbents of the posts. 

On that basis there is no need for an election process and both current post holders will continue in their roles for a 5 year term period, effective from last day of annual conference in May 2024 

I want to take the opportunity on behalf of the SNC to congratulate William Reid in his role as treasurer, and Mark Meikle in his role as SNC member. We look forward to continuing to work with both over the next 5 years in delivering on behalf of the membership in Scotland. 


Yours sincerely


Assistant General Secretary

Representing over 30,000 Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers, the POA is the largest UK Union in this sector, able to trace its roots back more than 100 years.