Dignified access to hygiene products such as tissues, soap, and toilets for staff is considered essential within a workplace. In November 2022, People Business Committee approved the roll out of period products across the HMPPS estate. This provision aims to create a dignified access point to products, by making them free at the point of need. 

Over 25 prisons have already made local arrangements to meet this need, taking account of their employee demographics.  To deliver this across all prisons it is suggested that a nominated member of staff or team is responsible for the ordering and replenishment of period products in their establishment. 

Based on engagement that has taken place with prisons who have already adopted this initiative, HMPPS has recommended that this sits within the hierarchy of the Head of Business Assurance, as they typically assume the role of procurement. The role could also be led by a member of the Care Team or a staff network.

Local committees should engage with their Governors to progress this issue.

Please bring this to the attention of all members. 

Thank you for your anticipated support. 


Your sincerely


National Executive Committee

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