We have received a formal pay offer from the SPS for 2022/23 and we are aware that the offer has now been published on the SPS SharePoint site.

While we recognise that the SPS have made an offer based on the Scottish government public sector pay policy, we are nonetheless extremely disappointed with the terms of the offer given the current cost of living crisis being experienced right across the UK.

With inflation alone sitting in and around 10% today the offer does not in any way reflect the costs being felt by the membership and does nothing to help alleviate those daily pressures, which are not going to ease any time soon.

It will be for the trade unions within the TUS to now meet and discuss the response and next steps for us all in managing this offer, but there are two things that will happen from a POA perspective.

The SNC will be conducting a workplace ballot of the members to ascertain your position on the offer, and it will be a straightforward yes or no question on the ballot paper.

Before we conduct the ballot, members of the SNC will be attending your branches to talk with the membership and look to answer any questions or provide clarity on any issues you may wish to seek guidance on, before casting your vote in the ballot. It is important that we provide sufficient time for as many members as possible to seek those answers or guidance, and we intend to ensure we allow enough time before opening the ballot.

Once we meet as an SNC, and as a TUS, we will write again with further details and timeframes for those next steps to take place.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of the Scottish National Committee


Assistant General Secretary

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