As everyone knows a war is raging in the Ukraine after the Russian invasion and the people in Ukraine who are in grave danger of physical harm and families have fled their homes seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, and others are sheltering from bombs falling in major cities. Normal working life has been forced to stop.

It is imperative that the POA along with other unions in the United Kingdom support our trade union brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and the refugees. The ITUC’S Ukrainian member organisations FPU and KVPU are providing support to families who desperately need assistance. Trade Unions in neighbouring countries including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova are supporting the increasing number of refugees.

People need the following;

  • Food and water provisions
  • Medical supplies
  • Hygiene items

The POA had a welfare meeting this morning and determined that we would make an initial donation of £5,000 and this has been sent to ITUC headquarters who are assisting in the collection. We have made clear that our donation should go for the provisions identified in the bullet points above. The welfare committee will assess the situation in the coming weeks to establish if another donation is appropriate.

The POA support the TUC statement on the invasion by President Putin. Like the TUC we hope there is a diplomatic solution that creates a ceasefire and ultimately peace so that ordinary Ukrainian and Russian people do not continue to suffer. History tells us it is working people all over the world that suffer during conflicts, and we stand with the Ukrainian people in supporting them in their time of need.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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