As members are aware the POA Health and Safety Whitley Committee have been campaigning for a menopause policy for members to be produced by HMPPS. HMPPS have now realised they need a policy and work has started on producing it. 

In the meantime, HMPPS held menopause café drop ins and after receiving feedback from members who attended HMPPS decided to set up a Facebook group for staff, as they were informed time can often be a barrier to reading emails or joining in sessions in a work setting. 

This group aims to be a support network for members to find out information, share tips on what works for them, and be a place where they can share their thoughts and stories which may help other colleagues.  This is a private group which members can join by providing their work email address to verify their identity.  If you are interested, then please search on Facebook for ‘HMPPS Supporting Life’s Changes’ and answer the prompted questions for admin to let you into the group.  If you have any questions about the group, then please contact

If you would like to hear more before joining or have any concerns, please contact or

Colleagues, this is the beginning to improve the working lives for POA members who are going through the menopause.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of our members.


Yours sincerely

Deputy General Secretary

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