It has been brought to the attention of the NEC that emails have been sent to closed grade staff who are in receipt of a Market Supplement offering to opt into F&S.

It is paramount that you understand the consequences of this offer which would be detrimental to you if the Market Supplement is removed in the future, as you are aware the Market Supplement has only been extended by one year and no longer at this stage. Please pay particular attention to the following in the email,

You should be aware that the supplement may in the future cease, be continued or paid at a different value depending upon the levels of vacancies and the recruitment market. Please see more information in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this letter and NTS 2016-10.

You will receive the following if you opt in as a Band 3 closed grade, this year opt-in will give you a pay increase of £234.90 plus estimated back pay of £215.32 for 1st April 2021 to 28th February 2022. The only way you will benefit from this is if you plan to leave the service within the next twelve months.

If you are not planning to leave the service, this offer will leave you at a financial detriment if the Market Supplement is removed in the future.

Please consider your options carefully prior to any commitment.

Yours sincerely



National Vice Chair

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