Further to circular 16/21, we are pleased to report that we have some new Union Learning Representatives who will be participating in the STUC ULR course soon.  We are reinvigorating Union Learning within the POAS and recently met with STUC to investigate what support and resources are available for union officials to access training to support their membership. 

Below are links to the STUC learning stream which we would encourage you to sign up to, the resource within the ‘stream’ is useful, informative and varied, with a broad selection of courses available.

The ‘stream’ site is still being developed and over the course of coming months will be fully up and running and it operates in the similar way to Spotify, where you add the course you want to do to your ’playlist section’ to access it when you want.

  • Links for the mailing list and to create new accounts on Stream –

Our POAS Union Learning Co-ordinator, John Cairney, is working with STUC to get a course on Menopause in the Workplace, this an important topic for the POAS membership and menopause is included in the new SPS absence management policy. We envisage this will be ready in the autumn for Trade Union reps.  The links below give you an overview of how the course will look.



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John Cairney

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