HMPPS are offering new services for those who are suffering Long Covid 19, please see attached and below

A new service will be available for line managers to refer employees with post covid symptoms (12 weeks and over).

The new service will include an initial assessment with the clinical assessment team and onward referral to specialists or support services with interim check points with an occupational clinician. Please refer to the “Post Covid Syndrome – How to refer” attachment and for more details.

Covid-19 Digital Assessment Routing Tool (DART)

Accessed directly by staff with specific high risk COVID-19 health concerns (diabetes, asthma, obesity), the service aims to identify the most appropriate pathway for support and to enable staff to access preventative and supportive interventions to help minimise the severity of Covid beyond vaccination.

Staff may be signposted to appropriate healthcare providers or be sent a free ‘self-management pack’ for their specific condition containing items such as blood pressure or blood sugar monitors, peak flow meters or oximeters along with videos and fact sheets. 

The pilot service is now live and is accessed by telephone 

Please refer to DART FAQs and DART poster for more details.

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Dave Todd
National Vice Chair


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