The TUC has launched an online survey for workers who are experiencing or have experienced Long Covid. We want to better understand their experiences at work and what additional workplace support they may need.

Long Covid is an issue of concern for the Trade Union movement as Office of National Statistics data reveals that 1 in 5 people who’ve tested positive for Covid-19 have had symptoms that have lasted for 5 weeks or longer and that 1 in 10 have had symptoms for 12 weeks or longer. With over 4 million people having tested positive for Covid-19, those experiencing Long Covid could be as high at 800,000.

I would appreciate it if members could complete the survey so that a robust evidence base can be collected and we are able to design solutions to the issues that workers affected by Long Covid face.

Long Covid Survey Link - 

Thank you for your anticipated support.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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