I am delighted to inform you that our long- standing partnership with the Firefighters Rehabilitation Charity will be re-commencing from Monday 26th July 2021, when we will be accepting applications to assist POA members with their health and wellbeing. As you know the residential units have been closed due to the pandemic. I have reached agreement with our provider, and it has been ratified at the last NEC meeting. On behalf of the POA I have signed off the contract meaning there will be a new blended service which will be a mixture of on-line and residential support. This blended approach offers a far greater bespoke service and POA members can be assured that from the initial assessment and onto the programme, the highly skilled therapists will work with the POA and our members to assist anyone using these services to get back on the road to recovery. Please also see the attached documentation which gives a summary of the services.

Details can also be found on our website. Please contact Carol Strahan by email, or 0208 884 5693 for applications.

The POA is the only trade union in the criminal justice system who funds this membership benefit. Each person who goes on a residential course for a four-day duration has everything paid during their stay at a cost of £1,980. That is a significant amount of money and worth every penny of POA subscriptions on that issue alone. The NEC reinvest as much as we can to provide a service to our members. Funded by you for you. The POA membership can be very proud of the fact that we have built up a welfare fund which is ringfenced to assist our members in their time of need. Only POA members can get assistance from the fund they have built up.

Do not miss out on a vital service join the POA today.

We have worked hard with our provider to continue this great service for our members, and we are so pleased that once again the doors are open for us to consider applications. Please take time to read this circular as it is in your interest and explore the POA website for information on the process for applying.

Yours Sincerely


Steve Gillan
General Secretary


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