We refer to POA Branch Circular 002/2021 regarding the above.

Please note that diaries and POA badges will be issued from Calder Road to branches (once we receive them) so that they will have a small stock of each. When Calder Road processes a new member, a welcome letter and membership information is sent to the new member. The new system then automatically notifies the relevant branch secretary, they then should issue a diary and badge to the new member.

It is important to note that the stock of diaries and badges is dictated by the new memberships going on the system and there are no spares, so it is important to keep them in a safe place and only issued to the new members in your branch.

Attached to this Email is a Branch Information Form. It has been issued previously, but some branches are still to fill in and return. Under the new database process, it is imperative that these forms are filled in so that the data can be entered onto the new database. For any branch where that information is missing, it will mean that they will not be identified and notified on crucial information by the automated process.

Could any branch who have still to complete this form do so as soon as possible so that you are automatically included in updates/communications from the system.

Yours sincerely

Assistant General Secretary

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