The Disputes Committee have recently dealt with several DHL disputes from several branches, the majority of these are concerning the “Final Mile” element to delivery. There appears to be two common themes why this has become an issue in branches.

The most common issue appears to be that when management re-profile, they wish to move the delivery to a new day without consulting DHL. Now that ministers have opened the gateway to Stage 1 regime progression this will need to be considered in any change to delivery days. DHL must be consulted on any change to reduce further potential disputes from branches.

Another issue is when DHL cannot provide the staff that they are contracted to provide, whether this be due to recruitment or retention issues. Local committees should be made aware if this is the case and local engagement MUST take place to find a remedy. If no agreement can be reached, then the committee have the right to enter into dispute. 

The NEC have been engaged in discussions concerning the new contract which is due to be announced on the 14th December 2021, the new contract will commence in August 2022. If there are to be any changes to local delivery the branch should receive an MPC to explain any proposed change.

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National Vice Chair

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