As you will be aware, we have been trying to ensure each branch has an active Union Learning Representative (ULR) for some time, whilst we have been able to get some in place, we still have a void in many branches, which we hope to fill. 

Feedback we received was, the fact that ULR training was not available and that due to COVID there was not a lot of training courses for members taking place. On the first issue we can confirm that training has recommenced with the details as follows:-

City of Glasgow College have had to change the dates for their planned ULR Stage One course – scheduled to have begun last week.

The new dates are Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th May and then Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th June. Learners need to attend all five days to complete the course, which once more will be delivered fully online.”

On the second issue, we have just completed a successful online Gym Instructors course and it is our hope to run more of these, but also more focused training to support our membership going forward, to achieve this, we need active Union Learning Representatives.

If you wish to do this role, please pass your details onto your Branch Secretary by Tuesday, 4th May, who in turn will forward them to by noon Wednesday, 5th May to allow us to secure places on the forthcoming course.


On Behalf of POA Scotland

John Cairney


Scottish National Committee

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