Concerns regarding individual Risk Assessments for vulnerable staff have been raised by POA Committees to the NEC.

Staff who are classed as vulnerable to Covid-19 should have an individual agreed Risk Assessment in place.

These Risk Assessments must be reviewed at a meeting between the individual member and their manager every 28 days.

They must also be reviewed in consultation with the member if there is any plan to deviate from the current Risk Assessment i.e. alter the duties or the duty location as set out and agreed in the Risk Assessment.

Staff can also request (at any time) a review of their individual Risk Assessment if they feel at risk in the workplace or due to changes in personal circumstances i.e. a deterioration of an underlying medical conditions that puts them at greater risk to Covid-19.

Risk Assessments are live documents, they are not simply something that is agreed and filed away in a drawer.

If you have any concerns relating to your individual Risk Assessment then raise those issues, in the first instance by writing to your line manager and seek local POA committee support.

Yours sincerely

Deputy General Secretary

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