I have been made aware of the fundraising that the family of the above named have been doing to assist their daughter in getting spinal surgery. Phil Seager at Swinfen Hall is a respected branch official and so far his appeal has raised in excess of £14,000. The aim is to raise £50,000.

The facts of this case are as follows; Florence was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) aged 7, she has been amazingly brave and upbeat about her diagnosis. Since the age of 8 years she has worn a back brace for 23 hours per day in the hope that her curve would be controlled and surgery could be avoided. Despite Florence doing everything that was asked of her, and wearing her brace exactly as directed, ( even when in pain and when she had sores because of it rubbing her) the family have now discovered that this was not enough. Her spine is continuing to curve. The family praise our wonderful NHS for the treatment, care and support they have given Florence throughout but in order to give her a chance she needs corrective surgery which isn’t available on the NHS.

Florence is described as a scoliosis warrior and was born a fighter when she entered the world prematurely alongside her two sisters. The family believe that if Florence can have the surgery that she so desperately needs, this will change her life for ever.

POA members can play a massive part in this fund raiser. For example, we have over 30,000 full members and retired members. If everyone gave just £1 the family would be well and truly there in their goal of reaching £50,000. Of course our wonderful POA members can give more if they so wish. I would ask all branches to organise and assist this little girl to give her a quality of life that she deserves and raise this money as quickly as possible. Please bring this to the attention of all your members and point them in the direction of I know that the POA family will rally around and make us all very proud in this fundraiser.

Your Sincerely

General Secretary

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