The POA National Executive Committee at its meeting on 11th March 2020 committed to working with Government and Employers to keep Prisons and the Criminal Justice System as stable as possible. A meeting has already taken place with the Director General of the Prison Service Mr Phil Copple and other Senior Managers for England and Wales on the 10th March 2020 to discuss potential Contingency Plans and whilst those discussions are confidential they were described as extremely sensible and constructive by the POA leadership. More meetings are likely in the coming days and weeks.


The POA Executive are fully supportive of advice given by the Chief Medical Officer and NHS England and advise its members to follow the instructions. The POA recognise that the Coronavirus is unprecedented and challenging and it will take a great effort to stop it spreading and that the Union will stand ready for any meeting with Government Officials, Employer and NHS providers to ensure our Prisons and Criminal Justice System is safe for both staff and those in our care.

Further updates will be given as more information becomes available.





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