21 March Stand Up To Racism demonstrations in London and Glasgow for UN Anti Racism Day

The demonstrations are taking place as part of the #WorldAgainstRacism international coordination that will see demonstrations across Europe, the US and wider. See the interactive map of demonstrations globally here

The support we receive from unions, particularly in publicising the marches to your membership and organising a strong visible union presence on the day, is vital in the fight against rising racism. Not only does it send a clear message on the day that trade unions are at the heart of opposing racist division, but it also brings many union members onto an event that gives them more confidence to take up anti racist arguments in their branches, workplaces and communities.

We have put together the attached files as well as provided online links below including useful details for your union to circulate via email, your website on social media:


* PDFs leaflet here and poster here for London

* PDF for leaflet and poster for Glasgow here

* Facebook event pages (London (with Cymru bloc) here and Glasgow here)

* List of transport details from around the country here

* Our financial appeal with the link to our crowdfunder here

* Map with route (for the London march) and coach drop off (attached)

* List of local/ regional rallies to build the marches here


Our Twitter handle is @AntiRacismDay and our hashtags for social media are:





We are organising with the TUC for a day of action by unions on social media where unions aim to coordinate output promoting the demonstration. On this day we will also organise for local union branches and in workplaces for 'I'm marching against racism on 21 March' selfies that can be shared with the hashtags.

We will come back to you shortly with the date for this day of action, which will be set at today's meeting with the TUC and unions' social media team.

The London march assembles 12 noon at the BBC, Portland Place (see map attached for full route details) and will march to a rally outside Downing Street. There will also be speeches at the beginning before the march sets off. There will be a prominent Cymru bloc on the London march, organised by Wales Stand Up To Racism. A Welsh leaflet will also be added to our website shortly, along with a map for the Glasgow demonstration.

In Glasgow the march will assemble at 11am at George Square. For more details and to liaise over organising for the Scotland march, you can contact the SUTR Scotland coordinator: sutrscot@gmail.com, or call Raymie on 07920403766.


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