We have written to the SPS today raising some enquiries and concerns we have around various issues that have either been raised with us by you, or from information we have come to be aware of ourselves.

We have had several enquiries about the purpose of the work being undertaken in certain establishments regarding their rosters by HQ staff, invited in for that purpose. We have written asking for an understanding of this work, and the remit given to the individual who has been tasked with this. We will update you once we that explanation and understanding. In the meantime, and for the avoidance of doubt, the POA position on rosters is that we agreed to a temporary change at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as an urgent requirement to ensure a safer more secure environment for staff having to attend their place of work. The changes agreed are for that purpose only, and it is very much our position that our rosters will return to their original pattern, as and when it is safe to do so.

Any future changes to your rosters will still be managed as previously and will be done through discussions between yourselves and SMT’s locally.

We are also seeking some clarity and understanding of the work that is going on in relation to the imminent and medium-term regime delivery, in line with any easing of restrictions from Scottish government. You will have seen from the communication that was issued by the SPS yesterday from Ali Purdie, that they are planning to issue some form of Operational Planning Routemap which is in relation to the reintroduction of regime through time as circumstance permit. While we fully understand and expect that to be where we will get to in the service as the COVID recovery plan takes effect, we are concerned that at this stage we have not had any involvement in the work being done to date.

We have written asking for an early meeting between ourselves and senior managers to understand what work has been done, what the plan looks like at this stage, and for us to be playing a full role in the development of that plan going forward.

We will keep you informed as these matters progress.

Kind Regards
On Behalf of the Scottish National Committee

Assistant General Secretary Scotland

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