To bring to your attention at the National Coronavirus Response Group (NCRG) meeting on Monday 1st June, it was mentioned that SPS are still awaiting updated guidance in relation to those who are ‘shielding’. As you will be aware the initial 12 weeks guidance is coming to an end in a few weeks. Until that advise it shared there are NO changes to ‘shielding’.

There have been branches, following discussions with their HRBPs who have asked about staff who are self-isolating due to underlying health conditions but not deemed as shielding (those how have received a letter from NHS/GPs). SPS are awaiting guidance from Scottish Government, NHS Inform and Occupational Health as we move into physical distancing phase, to date, no advise has been given to SPS so staff currently self-isolating should continue to do so.

As SPS move forward mirroring society into recovery, planning is important, we need to be mindful that the Prison regime will begin to change however any changes will be done in consultation with the trade unions, both at national and local levels and will be done in line with available staffing levels.

If you have any questions, please contact your national rep for assistance.

Yours sincerely
On behalf of POA Scotland


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