You will no doubt be aware of the latest communication in relation to the pension consultation, that comes in response to the McLeod judgement for discrimination on pension provision for some effected members.
We have attached those documents here.

In short, members who were impacted by the ruling will now be given the opportunity to choose whether to have the period from March 2015 through to March 2022 calculated on the Alpha scheme terms, or on their previous Classic scheme terms.

The consultation will look for comment on the options on when to choose: Either in the early years following 2022, or on retirement. Although the consultation will also take views on the pension scheme going forward beyond 2022, the Government are very clearly of the view that all members will be in the Alpha scheme from April 2022.

The consultation runs until 11th October 2020, and members are encouraged to feed into the consultation with their views.

We expect further communications from the NEC shortly on this, as well as further dialogue between the constituent trade unions impacted by the ruling. The POA are also in discussions with our legal advisors on several elements of the proposed route taken by the government.

We will keep you informed of any further information that comes to light.

Kind Regards
On behalf of the Scottish National Committee

Assistant General Secretary Scotland


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