The POA will take its time considering all aspects of the Pay Review Body recommendations and not just comment on the headline figure of 2.5 per cent. For the past 10 years POA members have seen pay freezes and cuts to pay in real terms but we recognise this is a start, but it will never make up for the loss in pay over the last years which has treated POA members disgracefully.

Mark Fairhurst National Chair of the POA stated;

“For a second consecutive year the Government have refused to implement all the recommendations of a Pay Review Body that they appoint. Lower paid members will be frustrated that an opportunity to partly achieve pay parity has been missed. Since 2010 my members have suffered pay freezes, increased pension contributions and unprecedented levels of violence. Now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and rectify a failed pay model whilst achieving workforce and retirement age reform. The POA stand ready to negotiate a future package”.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated;

“If the Government believe that this pay award makes up for the pain of the last 10 years then they are hugely mistaken. The 2.5 per cent is welcome but does not remedy the loss in pay and benefits of the past. The National Executive Committee will be studying all the recommendations in the coming days in order to hold Government to account”.




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