The Government has turned its back on hard working Prison Staff by rejecting recommendation 3 of the Pay Review Body recommendations. In July 2020, the review body recommended that Prison staff who were band 3 fair and sustainable grades should get a £3,000 consolidated pay rise from 1st September 2020. The Pay Review Body was set up in 2001 as a compensatory mechanism for the POA not having the right to strike. The Government also claimed in a Ministerial written statement on 21st July 2020 that there would be discussions with recognised trade unions on this particular issue to see how this uplift could be best implemented in an affordable and mutually beneficial manner alongside workforce reforms that deliver the best value for money for taxpayers. The POA were never engaged in any discussions with Government or employer since that statement was made to Parliament. The POA National Executive will be meeting at 9am on Friday 11th December 2020 to consider how best to protect our members’ interests that have been so badly let down by the Government.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated;

“POA members all over England and Wales will feel absolutely betrayed by the Government rejection of the Pay Review Body recommendation. Not only are they not going to be paid the £3,000 from the 1st September 2020 but also now face a pay freeze for 2021 and perhaps beyond. This is a kick in the teeth to brave men and women who have put their own safety at risk during this pandemic to keep the public safe and also in keeping those in custody safe from the pandemic. The National Executive Committee will be considering our options in order to protect our membership from an uncaring Government who have badly let them down”.

Mark Fairhurst National Chairman of the POA stated;

“This is no way to treat brave public servants who have laboured on the frontline throughout this pandemic to save lives. It is now time for this Government to appreciate the people that serve this country and keep us all safe. Empty praise and hand clapping will not pay the bills and on top of the predicted tax rises, increased pension contributions and an unrealistic retirement age of 68 we will see Prison Officers leaving their jobs in droves to gain better paid, safer employment. This Union will do everything in its power to reverse this abhorrent decision. If this Government can find billions of tax payers money to give their associates lucrative PPE contracts then they can easily fund the recommendations of an independent pay review body in full. We will rule nothing in and nothing out in our pursuit of pay justice for our downtrodden members”. 


Reference Documents Enclosed;

Pay Review Body Letter to Robert Buckland 21st July 2020
Steve Gillan Letter to Robert Buckland 20th November 2020
Pay Review Body Letter to Robert Buckland of 1st December 2020



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