Following the application of the pay deal in 2017/18 (the pay deal previous to the current 3 year deal) the POA raised an issue with SPS about a group of recently promoted FLM’s that we believed had been disadvantaged due to the movement of the pay date from October to April.

The move led to the progression increase for this small group of staff not taking place for what we believed was an unfair length of time and that they had been disadvantaged. Following the submission of a Failure to Agree by the SNC, the matter was unable to be resolved and moved to Arbitration through the good offices of ACAS.

Following a postponement to the original date due to COVID the Arbitration took place on Friday 31st July 2020, where both sides presented their cases to the Arbiter. I represented the case on behalf of the POA as the Assistant General Secretary, although the previous post holder Andy Hogg, had prepared much of the papers in advance of his retiral.

We are pleased to inform those staff that the Arbiter has now written to confirm that he has found in favour of the POA case and confirmed the pre agreed resolution that will now go in place by the SPS, following his determination.

Those staff affected will be written to personally now by the SPS, explaining what will take place and the timescales.

Although this was a case taken to arbitration by the POA, there were other non POA FLM’s who were impacted in the same way, and who will have terms of the outcome also apply to them. They too will be written to by the SPS in this regard.

We want to thank the staff involved for their patience in waiting for the long process to conclude, and hope that the outcome in some way demonstrates that it was worth the time and effort to progress the case through this route.


Assistant General Secretary

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