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Following on from circular 29 sent on the 14th December we wanted to update you regarding the C&R part. 

I would first of all like to offer my thanks to the Prison Service Pay Review Body (PSPRB) for their hard
work, insight and rigour through which they developed their report for prison service pay for the past year.

Read the Justice for Columbia, Third Report – Winter 2020/2021

Firstly, can we begin with saying that this was not the year any of us expected or in fact have enjoyed. For those of you who have suffered directly due to the pandemic, our support and best wishes go to you.


Provisional parliamentary business has now been announced for this period, including the following that may be of relevance to you. Please note, the following may change at short notice. It is not yet known when Parliament will rise for Christmas Recess or whether it will be sitting between Christmas and the new year. 

In respect of the Government announcement on the 10th December 2020, rejecting recommendation 3 we informed you that the National Executive Committee would be meeting today at 9am to determine what strategy would be adopted to protect the interests of our members falling into the category where the £3000 will not be consolidated into pay as recommended by the Pay Review Body from the 1st September 2020.


Please ensure the contents of this Circular are brought to the attention of all POA members.


The Government has turned its back on hard working Prison Staff by rejecting recommendation 3 of the Pay Review Body recommendations. 

On behalf of the POA National Executive Committee I have been in discussions with Professor Nick Hardwick the former Chief Inspector of Prisons and his colleagues from the University.


Please find attached our press release and attached documents in respect of the announcement today on the Government rejection of recommendation 3, which would have seen some of our lowest paid members in fair and sustainable band 3 receive a £3000 increase from 1st September 2020, had the Government adhered to the clear recommendation backed up by evidence from the Pay Review Body.


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