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See the letter from PSPRB Chair in relation to the Pay Review:

The POA will take its time considering all aspects of the Pay Review Body recommendations and not just comment on the headline figure of 2.5 per cent.

The role of the Prison Service Pay Review Body is to provide independent advice on the remuneration of governing governors and operational managers, prison officers and support grades in the England and Wales Prison Service.

The National Executive Committee have been made aware of further guidance that affects staff who are Extremely Vulnerable and remain at home shielding. Members should be made aware of the following correspondence that has been forwarded to all Governors and PGDs.

POA Circular 105/2020 was recently promulgated and it highlighted the successes that our legal provider, Thompsons Solicitors had achieved for our members in 2019.

POA Circular 109/2020 requested members currently going through the Ill Health Retirement process, who were past members of the Classic Pension Scheme, to contact the Deputy General Secretary to prepare a legal challenge.


Please find attached NEC minutes for the 24th June 2020, for your information.


Thank you for your responses to the above Circular.

As members are aware, the pension arrangements for Prison Officer Grades and Custody Officers who were/are in the PCSPS were fundamentally changed in April 2015 by Government, despite opposition from the POA and other unions.


Please bring the contents of this Circular to the attention of all members.


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