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Mark Fairhurst, POA National Chair, reacts to the news that prison officers have lost over 86 thousand years of experience over the last decade

The Hazards Campaign has announced a manifesto for a health and safety system fit for all workers

This webinar will equip health and safety reps with the skills to protect their colleagues from climate change-related hazards.


The TUC is running some introductory courses for Black union members which are free, online, open to any Black member of a TUC affiliated union.

The TUC are running a free online course for young union members in June entitled ‘An introduction to the role of union health and safety rep’, tutored by the excellent Dave Smith.

The battle for access to a Blue Light Card continues with a totally intransigent company. We have been in a constant dispute for a long time now and seem no further forward.

Have you recently worked for the HMPPS? Have you recently worked in roles that put you in direct contact with vulnerable prisoners?

The membership will be aware the Tolpuddle Festival will take place on Friday 19 – Sunday 21 July 2024 inclusive. Information can be obtained from:

Watch Steve Gillan interviewed on Sky News regarding the rising violence against prison officers

Steve Gillan, POA General Secretary, responding on Sky News to His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons, Charlie Taylor's thematic review of delays in the transfer of mentally unwell prisoners.

Please support this petition to close this loophole for abuse toward staff and other colleagues in all of the emergency services.

Representing over 30,000 Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers, the POA is the largest UK Union in this sector, able to trace its roots back more than 100 years.