POA Circulars

As you are aware the NEC are committed to the continued training and development of local Branch Officials.

The Disputes Committee have recently dealt with several DHL disputes from several branches, the majority of these are concerning the “Final Mile” element to delivery.

Please find attached NEC minutes for 11th August 2021 for your information.

Distribution of the POA diary for members will commence on 6th September 2021.

Over the last few months, I have been collating questions from the field in relation to the pensions changes that the Government intend to impose on us in April 2022.

Please find attached NEC minutes for 28th July 2021


You may recall a couple of years ago Birmingham University asked for our members assistance in relation to a research project looking at officers' experiences of trauma. 

Members who were in the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS) on 31st March 2012 will be aware that the pension scheme reforms made by the Government in 2015 discriminated against them, unlawfully, on the grounds of age.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all branch members.

Please find attached NEC minutes for 14th July 2021 for your information.

Representing over 30,000 Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers, the POA is the largest UK Union in this sector, able to trace its roots back more than 100 years.