Who the POA represents

POA Membership

Since the Prison Officers' Association was formed in 1939 we have represented members throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland both within the Public and Private Sector Prison Services and in Secure Health Care Services.

England and Wales

The POA has sole recognition
rights throughout the Public Sector Prison Service for the following:-

Principal Officer
Senior Officer
Prison Officer 1 and 2
Operational Support Grades (OSG)
Prison Auxiliary
Assistant Storeman
Night Patrol

The POA has joint recognition rights along with the Prison Governors Association (PGA) and the Public and Commercial Service Union (PCS) for the following:-
Governor Grades G to E

The POA represents many other workers from other grades within the Criminal Justice and Secure Health Care Services.

Northern Ireland

The POA has sole recognition
rights for the following grades in Northern Ireland :-

Principal Officer Grades
Senior Officer Grades
Prison Officer Grades
Prisoner Escort Officers
Senior Prisoner Escort Officer
Night Patrol Officers
Auxilary Officer

The POA has joint recognition for Governor Grades 4 and 5.

We also represent
Kennel Maids
General Civil Servants


The POA has sole recognition
rights for the following grades in Scotland:
Prison Officers (Residential)
Prison Officers (Operational)

The POA has joint recognition for Governor Grades F and Nursing Staff.

We also represent Civilian Drivers and other appropriate grades of staff

Isle of Man

The POA has joint recognition
with the Prospect for all unified grades working within the Isle of Man Prison Service.

Private Sector

The POA represents
around 1000 members from the Private Sector Prison Estate. These members work for a number of companies including:

Group 4 Securicor

The POA currently has a voluntary recognition agreements in the Private Sector with some private sector providers for staff working within their Immigration and Nationality Departments.

Secure Health Care Services

The POA has joint recognition
but is the predominant Union in Britain's three Special Hospitals Broadmoor, Ashworth, Rampton and in The State Hospital Carstairs in Scotland. We also represent many staff working in Medium Secure Units throughout the UK.

Within these Hospitals and Medium Secure Units a number of professions and occupations are represented.

They are as follows:-

Unqualified and Registered Nurses (from clinical grades A to I)
Senior Nurse Managers Rehabilitation Therapy Service Staff
Occupational Therapists
Ancillary staff (ie. caterers, domestics, porters and estate workers)
Clerical and Administration Grade Staff
Security staff
Hospital Drivers