Scottish Conference 2010

POA Scotland Annual Conference 2010

Date: 27th - 28th October 2010
Venue: Marine Hotel

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POA Scotland Annual Conference 2010.

Scottish Conference 2010 Documents:  


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Motions from POA Scottish Conference 2010

Pay, Substitution and Allowances

Motion 1
As recent years’ statistics have shown PPMS bonus payments to be
weighed in favour of management grades, that they are divisive and
serve only to support the negative public opinion on the use of bonus
payments within the Civil Service, this conference request that SNC enter
into negotiation with SPS management to seek the removal of the non
consolidated funds applied to the PPMS marking of ‘consistently exceeds
expectations’ and redistribute this money fairly within the pay structure.
Scottish National Committee/Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 2
That the SNC ensure that following the removal of the staff bonus
scheme, the recruitment and retention allowance for the senior
management is also removed
Edinburgh - Withdrawn

Motion 3
Whilst it can be evidenced that there remains an exceptional and
compelling case for the use of a market supplement in the North East of
Scotland due to the difficulties in recruiting to Operational grades, no such
case is made for other positions in the SPS in receipt of a recruitment and
retention allowance. Combined with the fact that the current economic
climate is likely to generate more competition for employment, the current
position of applying these enhancements to pay is unnecessary, morally
wrong and untenable. Therefore this conference requests that the SNC
seek discussions with SPS management with a view to review and remove
all non essential recruitment and retention allowances.
Scottish National Committee - Carried

Motion 4
That this Conference demands from the SPS management the cessation of
the payment of bonuses within the SPS prior to any involvement in discussion
over cost saving measures. These bonuses are to include any PPMS marking
bonuses, Governor’s bonuses and any other discretionary bonuses and the
savings identified from this be put against any further cost saving measures
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 5
This Conference seek that the ex-gratia rate for hours worked on night
duty be paid at the weekend rate recognising the unsociable hours worked
Inverness - Carried

Motion 6
This Conference seek the market supplement paid to new recruits in the
North east to be increased to aid recruitment
Aberdeen - Carried

Motion 7
Conference asks that the Scottish National Committee gives a clear
explanation of why, for calculation of ex-gratia payment, the working week is
considered to be 42 hours when the contracted working week is 37 hours
Barlinnie - Explanation Given

Motion 8
Conference instructs that the SNC seek to negotiate an annual rise in
the SPS T&S rates that is linked to RPI to reflect the annual increased
expenditure incurred by claimants
Edinburgh - Lost

Motion 9
That this Conference seek that Ex Gratia is replaced by overtime
payments at a standard rate of time and a half and double time with
weekend enhanced rates
Aberdeen - Carried

Motion 10
That the Scottish National Committee investigates with the Scottish
Prison Service the possibility of introducing a payment for all staff who
are local and national response team members
Barlinnie/Inverness - Carried

Motion 11
This Conference seek to ensure that those employees on marked time
receive the non consolidated cash lump sums as awarded at time of an
increase of salary
Aberdeen - Carried

Motion 12
This Conference instruct the SNC to negotiate with SPS Management an
Annual Payment to staff who have leave rostered to them. This would
compensate staff who currently have to take their annual leave when
they are rostered it.
Cornton Vale - Lost

Motion 13
Conference instruct the SNC to actively seek a pay rise for all members
regardless of any Government Public Sector pay freeze
Edinburgh - Carried

Conditions of Service

Motion 14
Conference instruct the SNC to negotiate with the SPS management that
all transfer and relocation expenses come from a centralised budget and
not from the receiving establishment
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 15
Conference instruct the Scottish National Committee to ensure that
the current SPS policy of counting leave entitlement in days rather than
hours, for fulltime staff, remains unchanged
Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 16
Conference instruct the SNC in Partnership with the SPS management
to review the Compassionate Transfer Policy removing any anomalies,
thus making this policy fairer and consistent
Cornton Vale - Carried

Motion 17
Conference instructs the SNC to enter into negotiations with the SPS
management to change the Transfer and Relocation allowance to a sliding
scale rather than a strict approval or not
Dumfries - Withdrawn

Motion 18
This Conference seeks that the charges of ‘Making a False and Malicious
Allegation’ and ‘Stating a Falsehood’ be reintroduced into the Prison
Rules, Schedule 1, Breaches of Discipline
Peterhead - Carried

Motion 19
Conference debate the SPS’s Code of Professional Standards and its
implications for our members
Cornton Vale - Debated

Motion 19a
That the SNC pursue an amendment to the Discipline Code. That
amendment would make it clear that when any employee is subject to a
criminal allegation, which results in no legal proceedings, then there will
be no formal action under the Code of Conduct
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 20
Conference calls on the SNC to seek a review of the staff searching
procedures, specifically involving the use of the Tactical Dog Unit.
Peterhead  - Carried

Motion 21
Conference calls on the SNC to endeavour to have section 20.4 of the
EJA Policy removed
Cornton Vale - Carried

Motion 22
That Conference debates the issue of being a ‘mobile’ service and
whether or not it is relevant anymore?
Peterhead - Debated

Motion 23
Conference calls on the POAS to oppose any form of clustering of
operational staff
Inverness - Carried

Motion 24
Conference instruct the SNC negotiate an end to the practice of staff
losing unused uniform points at the end of the financial year
Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 25
Conference asks that the SNC state their intention to oppose forced
double shifts, long days or core days on their members as a quick fix tactic
to achieve cost cutting at establishment level. The SNC should recognise
and publicly state that the practice of cutting operational staff not only has
severe implications for the security and good order of our workplace, but also
increase the stress levels and performance of the staff it is their duty to protect
Dumfries - Lost

Motion 26
That the SNC seek to ensure that all staff accrue an additional 5 days
leave after 10 years service
Edinburgh - Carried


Motion 27
That this Conference mandate the SNC to instigate a yearly review of
the Partnership and the Voluntary Industrial Relations Agreement and
that all local branches are involved in the review
Dumfries - Withdrawn

Motion 28
This Conference calls upon the SNC, in Partnership with our employer to
standardise a workload measuring mechanism, to be used by all establishments
Peterhead - Withdrawn

Motion 29
That Conference request the weekly diary commitments of the SNC and
SULF Coordinator are e.mailed to all local branch Chairpersons and Secretaries
Cornton Vale - Lost

Motion 30
That Conference confirm it is this unions policy not to agree to initiatives
that will have a detrimental effect on the existing terms and conditions of
our members
Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 31
That this Conference mandate the SNC to negotiate with SPS
management timescales for dispute resolution and if these timescales are
breached without agreement of both parties then the VIRA process is
moved to the next level
Dumfries - Lost

Motion 32
The SNC are censured for allowing the recent election address of John
Speed to be published
Cornton Vale - Lost

Motion 33
Conference calls upon the SNC that when future savings are being made
the SNC ensure that the staffing levels at Calton House are scrutinised
and appropriate savings come from this department of the SPS estate
Cornton Vale - Carried

Motion 34
That following the rejection of the SAAR project Conference confirm it
is this unions policy not to agree to shift pattern changes that result in the
loss of front line staff from the complement
Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 34a
That the SNC approach the employer and request to co-opt 2 local
branch members onto the Low Moss working group to assist in the lead
up to the opening of the prison
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 35
That this Conference censures SNC member, Phil Thomas for the
inaccuracies he had published on his behalf in the Gatelodge magazine
concerning lone working
Dumfries - Withdrawn

Motion 36
Conference request that the SNC explain the recent changes to the
allocation of branches for National Officials
Cornton Vale - Explanation Given

Motion 37
That in the face of the massive government cuts, this union accepts that it
is no longer an acceptable use of taxpayers money to pay establishments
for overcrowding when there is establishments running under capacity
elsewhere within the estate
Noranside - Withdrawn

Motion 38
That Conference discuss the standards that are expected of candidates
for national office, in particular the content of election addresses and any
other communication of the broad readership and debate the need for
guidelines to be adopted that ensure individuals adhere to a standard that
reflects the professionalism of this Association and its members
Barlinnie - Debated

Motion 39
Conference calls upon the SNC to put in place a voluntary code of
practice concerning the publishing of election addresses not covered
under TULCRA
Dumfries - Lost

Motion 40
Conference instruct the SNC put in place Standards with regards to
future election addresses
Cornton Vale - Withdrawn

Motion 40a
That the SNC approaches the Employer to discuss the
issue of the perimeter security of our prisons. In particular the growing
number of occurrences where illegal items are being thrown over the
perimeter fence into the establishments. The discussions should explore
all avenues to deter such events and reduce the risks associated with the
introduction of illegal items into prisons
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 41
Conference seek that the SNC ensure that as part of any future savings
review that a full independent review into the staffing levels and function
of the SPS headquarters is carried out
Edinburgh - Fell as Motion 33 Carried

Motion 42
Conference ask that the SNC reaffirm its position on the privatisation of
public sector services and actively engage with members of parliament to
keep this fight in the public eye
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 43
That Conference debate the issue of the core day and its effect on staff
through quality of work life balance
Dumfries - Withdrawn

Motion 44
Conference instruct the SNC to ensure that the SPS do not open HMP
Low Moss until all staff that are being transferred in are backfilled at their
own establishments
Edinburgh - Lost

Motion 45
Conference instruct the SNC, under Partnership, register its disapproval of
Circular 42/10 and the way in which the development opportunities contained
in it are effectively not available to staff outside the central belt of Scotland
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 45a
That the Scottish Conference commits to upholding the rules and
constitution of this union, in particular Rule 12.7(e)
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 46
Conference calls upon the SNC not to participate in any talks or working
groups that will result in the loss of front line prison officer posts
Edinburgh - Lost

Motion 47
Conference debate:- Non-Committee members applying for National
Committee posts under rule 23.7a of the constitution
Cornton Vale - Withdrawn

Motion 47a
That the SNC request a meeting with the Justice Secretary to discuss the
ongoing issues being raised by the members of the Dog Branch
Glenochil - Lost

Motion 48
That Conference debate the role of the Prison Officer ‘Beyond the
Gate/Wall’. During the lifetime of this current parliament there has been
much debate on Criminal Justice and the role of Agencies within. The
SNC believe that the role of the Prison Officer within the community
has not been placed at the forefront of this national debate. We believe
that the prison service should be given more access to delivering towards
the ‘Safer Scotland’ agenda by expanding our services to better meet
and deliver Government policies aimed at reducing offending, making
Scotland safer and contributing to alternatives to custodial sentencing
Scottish National Committee - Debated

Motion 49
Conference request that the facility time allocated to Castle Huntly
be increased to reflect the additional capacity of Castle Huntly, as well
as the workload and responsibilities of Castle Huntly representatives,
since the resource was allocated in Partnership accord # 9, as the
capacity of Castle Huntly alone is comparable to a medium establishment
(Aberdeen, Inverness, Dumfries and Greenock have similar or lower
capacities) and that the resource for Castle Huntly alone should be that
given to a medium establishment.
Castle Huntly - Withdrawn

Motion 50
Conference instruct that the SNC publicly voices condemnation of the UK’s
government’s suggested policy of running public sector services with volunteers
Dumfries - No Seconder

Motion 50a
That the SNC feedback to Conference on why Motion 55 of 2005 is no
longer union policy
Glenochil - Fedback

Motion 51
Conference request that the Scottish National Committee investigates
the possibility of introducing entralized members benefit scheme for
all Scottish POA members similar to that of the Fire Brigade Union
and local councils throughout Scotland and a report back be given at a
communications meeting six months later
Barlinnie - Carried

Motion 52
Conference calls upon the SNC to endeavour to have 2 Local Branch
Committee members allocated to any savings team that’s set up to look
at potential savings that are being made at Calton House
Cornton Vale - Carried

Motion 53
Due to the ongoing pressure for establishments to provide year on year
savings in the face of massive government cuts, this union pursue the closure
of SPS headquarters and go to a system of each establishment being run by a
management team responsible for reporting to the SPS board
Noranside - Withdrawn

Motion 54
That the Scottish Union Learning Coordinator position be re-advertised
after the current three year period. This position must be advertised in
open competition at the end of each period of contract
Shotts - Carried

Motion 55
Conference calls upon the SNC to make representations to the SPS and
the Scottish Government requesting that the practice of recruiting direct
entrants to fill senior management positions should cease immediately.
The SNC should seek a change in policy to the effect that no individual
should be able to fill a senior operational role at a prison without 6 years
operational experience
Edinburgh - Lost

Motion 56
Given that the report of Scotland’s Independent Budget Review panel
argues that it will be 15 years before budgets return to their current
levels the Scottish National Committee enter into discussions with the
SPS management for a long term plan for the future of Scottish prisons
Dumfries - No Seconder

Motion 57
Conference ask that the Scottish National Committee updates
membership on where Scotland fits in with the national Zero Tolerance
Campaign that was reaffirmed at 2010 National Conference
Barlinnie - Carried

Motion 58
This association formally request the removal of the current e-learning
system in its entirety until such time as it can be proved to be reliable in
recording individual training records
Inverness - Lost

Motion 59
Conference debate management’s usage of CCTV recordings with regards
to fact finding and code of conduct investigations into our members
Cornton Vale - Debated

Motion 60
That in the present financial climate Conference instruct the SNC make
representations to the SPS and the Scottish Government to stop the
re-employment of retired senior management as consultants for the SPS
Edinburgh - Lost

Motion 61
Conference asks that the POA(S) gives its full backing to the Edinburgh
Prison Officers Club in its continued fight against the threat of closure
and the flawed arguments and agenda of the SPS management in their
pursuit of the closure of the social club
Edinburgh - Carried

Motion 62
Conference ask that the SNC seek to ensure that the companies we do
business with are indeed the ‘best value for money’ for the membership
Cornton Vale - Carried

Motion 63
Conference seek that any motion carried at Conference must be dealt
with in a 12 month period and findings fed back to the branches
Dumfries - No Seconder

Motion 63a
That the SNC produce a document containing all up to date policy items
for the Scottish membership. This document should be circulated to
branches on an annual basis
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 64
Conference asks that the SNC ensure all minutes of partnership meetings
are published timeously
Inverness - Carried

Motion 65
Conference request that the SNC enter into negotiations with the SPS to
re instigate the purchase of staff quarters
Dumfries - Carried

Health & Safety

Motion 66
Conference calls upon the Scottish National Committee to identify a
Scottish Coordinator for Health and Safety who will distribute to all
Safety Representatives a regular bulletin detailing any relevant information
on national agreements and polices and investigate the feasibility of
setting up a regular communication meeting with the Scottish Health and
Safety Representatives from all branches
Barlinnie - Carried

Motion 67
That following the issuing of a letter by Michael Spurr removing all glass
containers from the closed estate in England and Wales, the SNC, in
Partnership, discuss and agree with SPS management to do the same in
the closed estate in Scotland
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 68
Conference ask that the SNC negotiate with SPS management that, since
whistles for summoning help are no longer that all staff are issued with
personal alarm or radio with alarm function
Dumfries - Carried

Motion 68a
That the SNC approach the employer to ensure that any member of
staff who requires a stab vest shall be given access to one
Glenochil - Carried

Motion 68b
That the SNC approach the employer to ensure that All dog handlers are
provided with a stab prove vest
Glenochil - Fell as motion 68a  carried

Motion 69
Conference request that the Scottish National Committee call on the
Scottish Prison Service to reinstate the issue of whistles as part of the
uniform for all uniform staff
Barlinnie - Carried

Motion 70
Conference request that the SPS introduce the use of PAVA for planned
C & R phase 1 interventions in each establishments
Inverness - Carried

Motion 71
Conference calls upon the Scottish National Committee to call on the
Scottish Prison Service to supply staff with adequate footwear for the
purpose of control and restraint training
Barlinnie - Carried

Motion 72
Conference instruct the SNC to organise for the removal of all radio’s,
mikes and ear pieces from catering staff working on the kitchen floor
who as part of their routine job have to handle food, this is due to the
risk of cross contamination
Cornton Vale - Lost


Motion 73
Conference calls upon the SNC to enter into discussions with
management to investigate the actual cost of staff uniform within the SPS
Dumfries - No Seconder

Motion 74
Conference ask that there should be a ‘ceremonial’ dress code for all
uniformed staff when in attendance at such events
Peterhead - Carried

Motion 75
Conference instruct the Scottish National Committee to call on the Scottish
Prison Service to resume the issue of a full dress uniform for all uniform staff
Barlinnie - Lost

Motion 76
Conference ask that the poor standard of uniform be addressed as a
matter of urgency to improve the fit, quality & compatibility with all PPE
and communication equipment
Castle Huntly/Edinburgh - Carried