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Fair Work

In November 2018 POA(Scotland) along with sister unions in the Civil Service reached a milestone agreement with the Scottish Government on the terms of what represents fair work.

The agreement which covers key principles relating to employment relations and union rights, facility time, working hours and living wage amongst others will apply to civil service areas across Scotland and be an encouragement and exemplar to be followed by other enlightened bodies in the public and private sectors.

Commenting on the agreement Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair work stated;

“Fair work is good for everyone. It drives innovation and productivity. And that makes for better businesses.

“We need to lead by example, and that is why, building on the commitment announced by the First Minister to put fair work first by applying fair work criteria to as many funding streams, business support grants and public contracts as we can, this Fair Work Agreement demonstrates our commitment to be a fair work employer.

“It sets out a range of principles agreed between Scottish Ministers and the recognised civil service trade unions that means civil service employers will continue to embed fair work into employment practices.”

Andy Hogg
Assistant General Secretary