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166 06 Mar 2018


The POA are determined to protect the Health and Safety of their members, after yet another weekend of chaos and assaults in Prisons. A member of staff at HMP Bedford was
so seriously assaulted on Saturday 3rdMarch 2018, that he required lifesaving surgery to relieve pressure on the brain after being attacked by prisoners and having his head stamped on. As assaults on staff continue to rise the obsession with appeasing prisoners instead of regaining control of our Prisons has to stop.

National Chair of the POA Mark Fairhurst stated:

“The safety of staff is non-negotiable and this cowardly attack on a member of staff, who was bravely trying to protect prisoners demonstrates the extreme dangers that Prison Officers face throughout the country. HMP Bedford has suffered too much from violent episodes and the insistence that large groups of prisoners are unlocked must be changed. We need safe regimes that ensure staff can quell violence as it occurs.

We are now demanding that all staff are given the tools to keep them safe and we now insist that PAVA spray is rolled out nationally without delay. No High Court Injunction will prevent the POA from protecting the Health and Safety of its staff.

The time for excuses from HMPPS has now passed. They need to act immediately to prevent the crisis in our Prisons from escalating. I do not wish to be announcing the death of an Officer because our Employer failed in their duty of care towards staff”.


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