POAS Circulars

POAS Circulars:



Following the recent appointment of Phil Fairlie to the role of POA Assistant General Secretary on 6 April 2020, the post of Scottish National Chair falls vacant.

In normal circumstances the process of the election for the remaining interim period of the position (May 2021) would be progressed, however you will be aware that as a result of Coronavirus outbreak we are all having to make significant adjustments to our daily and working lives and unfortunately trade union elections are no different.

Given the current levels of absence across the membership and the pressure that all establishments are under, it would not be fair nor appropriate to run an election under the current rules and constitution in the event that a sizable membership may not have the opportunity to cast their vote. Equally Branch committees would find it a difficult and unnecessary burden on already hard-pressed staff to conduct the processes required under the rules and constitution.

Given this unique circumstance it has been agreed with the General Secretary that the post of Scottish Chair will be occupied in the interim by the Scottish National Vice Chair until circumstances permit the proper election of a Scottish Chair.

This approach would be fully compatible and in accordance with the POA Rules and Constitution. Therefore, an election for Scottish National Chair will take place when sufficient membership numbers available to vote in a workplace ballot return to work and confidence can be given to meeting compliance with the rules and constitution of the POA.*

Whilst this is far from ideal, we hope you understand that we are all currently subject to circumstances beyond our control and it is our intention to run an election as soon as possible. Equally we recognise that the prevailing circumstances of the national emergency may remain for some time. We will, nonetheless, keep the situation under constant review and as soon as the situation allows, we will post a timetable for the election.

Yours sincerely

Assistant General Secretary

*This will be based on normal average SPS absence rates pre-Coronavirus.