POA Structure

Today the POA has a full seat on the staff-side of the National Whitley Council to look after the interests of members together with its own Prison Department Whitley Council.

The POA represents all Unified Grades including Governors who qualify in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland. The POA also represents all Nursing and Ancillary grades in the Secure Health Care Services.

THE POA currently has in excess of a thousand members working in the private sector.

The 1999 Employment Relations Act, which allows for union recognition and worker representation rights, is allowing the POA unprecedented access into these work areas.

The Private Sector remains a thriving growth area for the Union to attract new members,

The Association currently enjoys a membership of approximately 35,700 members and GROWING.

The Objects of the P.O.A. are as follows

  • To protect and promote the interests of its members.
  • To regulate the conditions of employment of its members and their relations with their employing bodies.
  • To provide initial legal advice to members at their request on any matter and to give all further necessary assistance to any member in relation to any legal request - judicial or disciplinary proceedings as laid down in the Rules.
  • To provide a death benefit.
  • To provide and maintain such services and organisational structure for the benefits of members as laid down in the Rules.

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