National Chair

Issue 65 | 26.03.2010

Industrial Relations in Northern Ireland


Dear Colleagues

Our members in Northern Ireland are being persuaded to work to their terms and conditions.  This is as a direct result of treatment to a number of staff who are subject to disciplinary action by the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS).

It appears that NIPS are trying to bully and intimidate our members on a daily basis and are even threatening to use Section 127 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 as amended in 2008.  The situation is reflective of the problems we faced in 2007 when we tried to persuade our members to follow the policies of this Union.

I have read some of the correspondence and spoken to Mr Finlay Spratt POA Chair Northern Ireland on the current situation.  It is clear that following the independent

investigation into the disciplinary process into these staff, that serious failings occurred.  We do not accept that management can ride rough shod over agreed policies; we demand fairness and justice for every member irrespective of where they work.

At present our legal teams are assessing the situation and if necessary we will provide a robust defence.

In closing, I will keep you updated as issues progress and respond to any threats that may be made against this Union over the next days or weeks.

Colin Moses
National Chairman