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203 | 24.05.2019

POA Hail Sentencing success

The POA would like to put on record our thanks to a Court yesterday that handed down an appropriate sentence to a prisoner following unprovoked attacks on Prison Officers at HMP Gartree.

The prisoner is currently serving an indeterminate public protection sentence and has been awarded two further consecutive sentences to his current IPP sentence.

For an offence of squirting urine in a Prison Officers face he was given a 12-month sentence.

A second offence of assault against a prisoner officer received a 3-year sentence taking the total award to 4 years.

Both Sentences will run consecutive to his current IPP sentence. The Judge explained that once the Parole Board deem that his risk has been reduced sufficiently to warrant release from this current sentence, that the 4-year Determinate Sentence will begin. In the Judges Opinion, this was a totally unprovoked attack on a Prison Officer.

Commenting on this outcome POA National Chair Mark Fairhurst said;

“This case highlights the positive work the POA have influenced when formulating the crime in prisons protocol and ensuring the emergency workers bill was recently given royal assent. We expect nothing less from the judiciary when brave public servants in public and private sector prisons, secure hospitals and immigration removal centres are subject to disgusting and cowardly attacks for simply serving the public and doing their job. We welcome consecutive sentences and hope these judgments both continue and act as a deterrent”.


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