How we can help

Full legal assistance and representation

POA members can count on full legal assistance and representation on any work related matter. There is no limit on expenditure incurred in defending an innocent member. This benefit provides cover for Police Investigations, prosecutions and providing a defence at Trial. Members are represented in respect of Criminal Injury Compensation BoardAppeal Claims, Industrial Injury claims and Coronor's Inquests when appropriate.

Free initial legal advice on any work matter

The legal benefit is funded directly from subscriptions paid by members. It is not underwritten by any third party (i.e. insurance company), and is therefore not selective to satisfy underwriters. In this way the Association remains autonomous and in full control of the defence of its members.

Trade union representation in work matters

In addition to, and often in tandem with legal cover, national and local trade union representation is available to represent members at Disciplinary Hearings, Inquiries at local and Secretary of State level, Inmate/Patient Allegations, CSAB and Nursing and Midwifery Hearings, and all pay, pension and conditions related matters with employers. Such matters as Health & Safety at Work, Equal Opportunities, Discrimination of all types are all covered within this scheme.