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For the court to issue a consecutive sentence and not concurrent.

If a civil servant is assaulted doing their duties and if the person is convicted in court they should get a consecutive sentence to any other convictions and not a concurrent sentence. If that person is serving a life sentence, when granted parole it is then added past their parole date.



Petition against the closure of female open prisons

Petition to stop HMP Askham grange (high performing) and HMP East Sutton park from closure.These are the only 2 female open prisons in the country and it is discrimination.



Justice for the Belmarsh Five

Innocent until proven guilty. Please pledge your support for the five prison officers who serve and protect the public under difficult circumstances.


Save UK Justice

The MOJ should not proceed with their plans to reduce access to justice by depriving citizens of legal aid or the right to representation by the Solicitor of their choice.



Closure of Camphill site part of HMP Isle of Wight

Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons
The closure of Camphill site at HMP Isle of Wight should be debated in parliament.

Camphill was a level 3 performing prison carrying out its roll to a good standard.

Camphill site should remain open and the effect of the local economy as a result of the closure should be reviewed.

2000 space Titan prisons do not work and local community prisons do, this should be discussed by the government.



Keep Magilligan Prison Open

Sign this campaign to help Keep Magilligan Prison Open. "To commit to retaining Magilligan Prison as a much needed second male prison facility in Northern Ireland, to secure the jobs of the 440 staff who work there and the £10 million the prison injects into the local community each year."

Click here to view and sign this petition


Petition for Lincoln Prison

We would like to call for a proper public consultation before any decision is taken on the future of the Lincoln prison.

Click here to view and sign this petition


Prison Officers to retire at 60 years.

Prison officer to retire at 60 years of age in line with armed forces,police fire and ambulance services. This is to recognise the dangerous environment and physical nature of the work. It is unrealistic to expect staff up to 68 years of age to physically restrain and intervene in violent incidents with young, fit and sometimes disturbed prisoners. THE GOVERNMENT MUST RECOGNISE PRISON OFFICER'S STATUS AS A FIRST RESPONSE EMERGENCY SERVICE AND SET A NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE FOR PRISON OFFICER AT 60.

This e-petition is now closed, and attracted 5,065 signatures. Thank you to all who signed it.


Petition for injured Frankland staff

On the 13th March 2010 three prison officers in performing their duties were attacked on G wing at HMP Frankland. The families of the staff injured are meeting the Prisons Minister on 23rd January in the House of Commons.  To read more and to sign the petition please go to:


E-petition - Pension changes - RPI to CPI

This e-petition is now closed, and attracted 113,444 signatures. Thank you to all who signed it.

POA Fighting for Full Trade Union Rights: E-petition 17742

This e-petition has now closed, and attracted 2830 signatures. Thank you to all who signed it.

As you will know for many years we as a Union have campaigned for our full rights to be restored. In continuing that campaign Brian Traynor has been working with Phil Birch Branch Chair of Send in formulating and launching an e-petition using the Government website on behalf of POA members.

This petition is fully supported and endorsed by the National Executive Committee. The petition has received a very positive response already, but we need to achieve 100,000 signatures to have our rights debated in the Houses of Parliament.

It is essential we hit the target figure as we progress towards the European Court of Human Rights.  We can do it together if we all sign the petition, ask our friends, family and contacts to sign it as well.

The Executive have called for assistance from Brother and Sister Trade Unions. Some Unions have already posted the petition on their websites encouraging their members to support our fight.

You can view the e-petition at: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/17742