Circulars Archive 2012

20 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 175

Murder of Prison Officer David Black in Northern Ireland

Further to POA circular 142-2012 requesting members or branches wishing to make a donation to Davidís family at this sad time do so by forwarding their donations to the Finance Officer at Cronin House.

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19 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 173

Deputy General Secretary 2013

Following POA Circular 167/2012 in regard to the election for Deputy General Secretary, the timetable and procedure is listed below.

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19 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 172

Membership Survey 2012/2013

In line with Conference Policy the Executive has prepared the Unions survey which should be completed by all members.

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19 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 171

Unsocial Hours

It has been brought to the attention of the Executive that new and or existing profiles now include unsocial hours, which are at the maximum of the 20-30% or actually exceed the guidelines from NOMS.

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18 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 170

Election 2013: Election Result - National Vice Chairman

Please find attached the Certificate of Result from Electoral Reform Services.

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14 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 169

Prison Service Pay Review Body - Oral Evidence Session 13th December 2012

Members of the Executive attended Victoria House to present the oral evidence to the Pay Review Body and respond to their questions on the Unions written evidence.

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10 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 168

Local Market Facing Pay

In June 2012 the Executive promulgated POA Circular 60/2012, setting out the issues we had raised with the Prison Service Pay Review Body in respect of the Governmentís announcement that they had to consider introducing local pay for prisons as part of the 2013/14 pay round.

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10 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 167

Deputy General Secretary Election Commencing January 2013

Please find enclosed a summary of the Conditions of Service, Remuneration and Job Description as it will apply.

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07 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 166

Competition Benchmarking

The National Executive Committee had a Special NEC Meeting following the recent announcement by the Secretary of State Mr Chris Grayling, that a new way forward has been established to achieve efficiency savings, that being Competition Benchmarking rather than the wholesale privatisation of further prisons. The National Executive Committee met on the 26th November 2012 to determine how best we could support and advise our branches during this process.

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07 Dec 12 CIRCULAR 165

Opting out of the Civil Service Pension Scheme

Following the Governmentís decision to increase pension contributions from April 2012, members have raised concerns and questions over the options for opting out of the Civil Service defined-benefit arrangements.

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