Circulars Archive 2010

21 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 169

English Defence League

There has been a general inquiry with regards to whether a member of the above organisation can be employed by NOMS and remain a member of the POA.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 168

Lord Hutton's review of Public Sector Pensions

The first stage of Lord Hutton's consultation on public service pensions is now complete.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 167

Re: Breaking the cycle: Effective punishment rehabilitation and sentencing of offenders

You will be aware the Coalition Government has published its green paper on the
above subject.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 166

Sentencing Council: Assault Guidelines Professional Consultation

The National Executive Committee through POA Circular 141 /10 sought the views of branches and the membership on this consultation.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 165

TUC march and rally 26th March 2011

This is an opportunity for the POA membership to tum out in force to campaign against the cuts within our prison establishments.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 164

International Labour Organisation

In relation to Case number 2383 to the Committee for Freedom of Association about our Trade Union Rights, we have heard from Oksana Wolfson who is the legal officer for the International Labour Standards Department.

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20 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 163

Suma Chakrabarti comments regarding prison riots

I have received a response not from Suma Chakrabarti, but from Trevor Williams Operational Director in relation to the letter I sent on 12th November 2010.

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16 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 162

Prison Service Pay Review Body

Today members of the National Executive met with the Prison Service Pay Review Body to present the union’s oral evidence as part of the pay round 2011/12.

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15 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 161

Legal: The right to be accompanied

It has been drawn to the Executive’s attention that a number of POA members are encountering resistance to them being accompanied to Disciplinary Hearings, Investigations, Grievance and other meetings by the companion of their choice.

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15 Dec 10 CIRCULAR 160

Health & Safety

I am pleased to advise the membership that we have now secured the above which will further enhance the benefits of union membership.

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