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156 | 16.11.2020


At the NEC Meeting on the 11th November 2020 the Executive discussed the possibility of the POA holding a physical Conference in the normal month that it is held in May 2021. It was felt that due to COVID 19 that was ambitious due to the rising cases of the pandemic and the uncertainty that will have. We are conscious that our Annual Conference is the Parliament of the POA and is vitally important for the democratic process of setting POA policy. The Executive therefore determined that the Conference will be moved to November 2021. This will in our view give us a much better chance of achieving a full Conference if there is an improvement in the pandemic. Conference motions will be requested in the usual timeframe.

The Annual Conference for 2021 is scheduled to be held on the above dates at the SOUTHPORT THEATRE & CONVENTION CENTRE and will be FIVE days duration.

Branches are therefore invited to submit Motions in accordance with Rule 12(5) (a), (b), and (c), of the Unions Rules and Constitution:

Rule 12.5 The only motions to be discussed at Conference are those proposed by a Branch:

a) after having been passed at a duly convened meeting of the Branch; and
b) submitted to the General Secretary at least 3 months before the Conference is due to commence unless the National Executive Committee agrees a shorter period; and
c) in writing, signed and certified on the approved Annual (and Special) Conference Motion Standard Form by the Branch Chairman or Secretary, that it has been passed at a duly convened meeting of the Branch.

Motions must be submitted on the attached form for Annual Conference Motions or they will be returned. The form can be emailed in the first instance to nicola@poauk.org.uk but must be sent to the General Secretary’s office at Cronin House, BY RECORDED DELIVERY, no later than 31st JANUARY 2021.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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