POA Circulars

153 | 09.11.2020


The Deputy General Secretary has been contacted today by Cabinet Office who have asked for numbers of members who are currently going through Ill Health Retirement who were in Classic and Premium, but are being retired under Alpha.

The Deputy General Secretary also requires numbers of members who have been retired under Alpha when they should have been retired under their old pension and are now out of the service.

Also required are the numbers of members who have been dismissed under medical inefficiency who were in Classic but did not fit the criteria for Alpha.

Due to the representations on behalf of our members from the Deputy General Secretary Cabinet Office are at present now writing to the Pensions Management Board on our behalf to inform them of the pressure this is putting on our members and the stress and anxiety this is causing.

The information is required by Friday 13th November 2020 hence the urgency please can all Branch Officials and all members bring the contents of this circular to all members past and present to assist.

Please send names to Nadine Montgomery FAO of the Deputy General Secretary to nadine@poauk.org.uk

Yours sincerely

General Secretary