POA Circulars

114 | 16.07.2020


The National Executive Committee have been made aware of further guidance that affects staff who are Extremely Vulnerable and remain at home shielding. Members should be made aware of the following correspondence that has been forwarded to all Governors and PGDs.

We have received feedback that Governors are contacting Extremely Vulnerable staff with a view to return to work on 1st August, I would like to clarify that these staff should not return to the workplace at this time until we have developed additional guidance.

HMPPS Risk Assessment guidance for clinically vulnerable, extremely clinically vulnerable and those who are living with the extremely vulnerable who are required to shield, has not changed. Where staff are currently working from home or on paid special leave they should continue this.

There is currently no date set for this to be changed, although we are working on developing the additional guidance and we will provide an update with timelines as soon as possible.

Enclosed for your information is a copy of the latest guidance that covers this area.

For and on behalf of the NEC.

National Chair

POA Circular 114-20-Staff Who are Shielding at Home.pdf

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