POA Circulars

101 | 15.06.2020


ULRs have been instrumental in championing the importance of training and development. ULRs work very hard to boost the image and strengthen the organisation of our Union within the workplace along with widening union membership across the board.

The ULR role involves:

  • Promoting the value of learning
  • Supporting learners
  • Arranging learning/training
  • Supporting workplace learning centres to embed learning in the workplace

POA Learning have established a database of POA Learning Reps in England and Wales to ensure every workplace has a ULR presence.
Therefore, we would ask any POA member who is interested in becoming a POA ULR to approach their Branch Committee to be put forward as a ULR using the attached pro forma and forward it to:

Gareth Williams
Eastchurch Learning Centre

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Secretary