POA Circulars

92 | 01.06.2020


The National Executive wish to make you aware of recent amendments to the process that governs outstanding Internal Adjudicator (IA) referrals.

Governors now must review all IA referrals and decide if they remand the charges pending IA involvement, deal with the charges via the adjudication process or dismiss the charges. The review must be conducted by a Governor experienced and trained in adjudications, but the prisoner is not required to be present for any aspect of the paper review.

It is imperative that segregation unit staff are made aware of these changes, so we avoid a raft of charges being dismissed. In order for the Executive to monitor the level of dismissals we need monthly statistics from local committees outlining how many adjudications have been dismissed, the type of charges that have been dismissed and also if any IA referrals have commenced via the local adjudication processes and the outcome. We can then use the statistics to challenge any Governors who have used the opportunity to ‘write off’ excessive charges when it is not appropriate to do so.

Please provide this information monthly, starting June 2020, to your area NEC Representative.

You should also ensure that you have local processes in place to inform the reporting Officer immediately if the charge has been dismissed.

Committees are encouraged to ensure all assault charges are continued via a referral to the Police.

Enclosed for your information is an update on the changes and a copy of the ‘process map’ that outlines procedures that must be followed.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all members ensuring seg unit staff are fully briefed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

For and on behalf of the National Executive Committee.


Yours Sincerely

General Secretary


Yours Sincerely

National Chair

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