POA Circulars

42 | 27.03.2020


There are 15 Regional Hubs which hold PPE for the Covid-19 outbreak the Hubs are located at:

Pentonville – London
Standford Hill – KSS
Bullingdon – South Central
Durham – North East
Wealstun – Yorkshire
Hewell – West Midlands
Ranby – North Midlands
Whatton – East Midlands
Wymott – Cumbria Lancashire
Thorn Cross – Greater Manchester Mersey Cheshire

The regional SPOC will be responsible for the allocation of PPE when requested by establishments.

PPE has been difficult to source, however following ministerial pressure HMPPS has been given priority, this however is still below the NHS.

Stock to Date
50K face masks received (in hubs).

100K gloves (in hubs).

52K aprons (in hubs).

39K fluid resistant masks (in hubs).

300K masks (better quality) arrive in April.

500K high filtration masks (for escorts & bed watches).

3K goggles.

3K eye protectors.

Alcohol hand sanitiser 5000 litre drums at Littlehey, which is being decanted into smaller containers to distribute, more to arrive in April.

Smaller containers 100ml & 250ml will arrive this week.

Alcohol wipes will arrive next week.

3K full body aprons next week.

There will be training provided on the donning of high-quality masks.

Stock is easier to get than a week ago, but still a potential problem. It’s reported that China as a major manufacturer are opening their supply chains again.

HMPPS remain confident there is enough stock.

It is still advised hand washing is the most reliable way to remain sterile, with hand sanitiser as a secondary option (I would advise that a hand washing regime be considered for staff). We have requested this be included in ongoing guidance updates.

All hand sanitiser should contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective against Covid-19 (this is NHS standard).

Yours sincerely

Dave Todd
National Vice Chair