POA Circulars

1 | 13.01.2020


The past few weeks has seen a rise in extreme violence against staff throughout the prison estate. We have seen disturbances at Berwyn, Feltham, Holme House and Deerbolt. The violence culminated in a terrorist attack on staff at Whitemoor on 9th January 2020 followed by an unprovoked attack on staff at Bristol on 10th January 2020.

I want to assure you that the NEC are doing everything we can to ensure you work in a safe environment and get issued with the appropriate personal protective equipment without delay.

We have liaised with the Committee at Whitemoor and they are content with the continued support we are giving them and are satisfied with the response from their Governor in addressing how to employ safe working practices moving forward.

We are currently in the process of liaising with the committee at Bristol to ensure they are fully supported.

We continue to offer our colleagues our full support whether they are in the POA or not.

I would remind you that we have a legally binding agreement which enables you to work safely within your Prisons. I would encourage you to digest the contents of this agreement and liaise with your local POA Committees if you have concerns about your safety within your establishment.

Together we will make our Prisons safe.

If any of you wish your area NEC representative to visit and address you please forward a request to me (nc@poauk.org.uk) and I will arrange for them to attend.

I include in this Circular a letter I have forwarded to Robert Buckland Secretary of State for Justice, a letter I have sent to Phil Copple, Director General Public Sector Prisons and a copy of our legally enforceable agreement.

If anybody has any concerns or issues, they wish to discuss with myself my contact details are included.

On behalf of the NEC.

Unity is strength.

Mark Fairhurst
National Chair

POA Circular 001-20 - Staff Safety.pdf

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